Choosing a Roof that is Right for You

Today’s roofers are stating more and more that consumers are looking for shingles that not only provide an adequate amount of protection, but are also aesthetically pleasing in color and style. Shingle selection is definitely important for homeowners, as the shingles emphasize the entire look of the home.

In the past, many homeowners were unaware of the types of shingles on their own roofs, but the trend is rapidly changing. In today’s world, consumers are going the extra mile to research roofing materials in order to ensure the proper color and protection.

variety of contractors in KY are finding that their customers are conducting research before making a final decision on their roofing design. Additionally, roofing representatives now carry color and texture samples with them when making consultation calls, allowing customers to carefully choose their style before work begins, and certain companies allow customers the additional option of checking the manufacturer’s descriptions of specific shingles on their websites.

According to recent statistics, roofing replacements range from $11,000 to $19,000 per house, depending on the overall value of the roof. Upscale jobs can run as high as $37,000 or more.

In today’s economy, homeowners want to know where there money is going before making a final decision. Roofing companies are definitely going the extra mile to satisfy the needs of their customers. In fact, certain company representatives are actually willing to drive their clients around neighborhoods in order to get an exact idea of what specific shingle colors and styles look like once  in place.

The most popular styles in roofing today are wood shake, clay and concrete,  and synthetic materials. Colors include grey, tan, charcoal red and black. White shingles are popular among eco-friendly homeowners, as they work well to control temperature by deflecting light from the home. Laminated dimensional shingles are also popular due to the fact that when laminated together, two shingles look like three shingles and they work well to protect the home.

Today’s economy has taught homeowners a lot when it comes to remodeling their homes and ensuring value when selling. A decade ago, many homeowners were unconcerned about their shingles and roofing materials, and a large portion of homeowners in the United States were completely unaware of the style or quality of the shingles on their very own homes. However, in today’s world, more and more homeowners are taking it upon themselves to research and compare prices before signing on the dotted line. Roofing companies are following suit as well, working closely with their customers to ensure quality roofs that are affordable and reliable.

If you are planning to replace your roof in order to increase the value of your home, or if you are building a home from the ground up, take some time to research what is popular right now as well as the types of shingles and materials that are most affordable. Your roofing contractor will be glad to help by providing samples as well as taking you out in the field to view specific homes containing shingles and roofing materials that you are considering. Taking time to research before purchasing will allow for a cost effective informed decision on your home roofing project.

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